Garage 4 Performance continues to quest forward as one of the quickest front wheel drive drag racing vehicles competing in the Trinidad and Tobago and the greater Caribbean. This upcoming 2016 race season, it is our intention to win consistently at all local drag racing series and regional invitational drag events with our continued commitment to integrity, discipline, and our customary attitude of professionalism.



1995 Honda Civic EG4

Chassis: Stock

Engine: B18C (stock bore)

Power: 700 WHP @ 26 psi

Turbo: Custom GSP/ Turbonetics T88 hybrid

Engine Management: eCtune

Transmission: PPG Dog gear

Suspension: Adjustable coilover dampers and Garage 4 fully re-engineered suspension components for improved traction and vehicle dynamics.

Wheels: F: Weld Racing 15” x 10” on 26” Hoosier Slicks | R: Lenso skinnies

Bodywork: A mixture of carbon fibre, metal and fiberglass components

Built and driven by Jason Jameson

Developed by Jason Jameson, Quynton Gooding

Tuned by Marlon Chong (Jamaica / Australia)

Main Contributors: XR Performance, Auto Nation Performance, Precision Heads, Jaysur Customs,



Current Racing Bracket – 10 seconds (2015)

Best ET to date – 10.35 @ 104 mph (T&T - Fastest FWD all time)

Best Reaction to date - 0.521 seconds

Best 60 ft to date - 1.36 secs - St. Lucia 2012

1.569 secs - Camden Raceway, Trinidad 2015

1.146 secs Trinidad - FB Wallerfield, Trinidad 2015 (timeslip/ system unconfirmed)

Best MPH to date - 144mph (St Lucia 2012)

Fastest FWD Vehicle in Trinidad – 2014 | 2015 | 2016

Most Impressive Honda 2012 (St Lucia)



The Team consists of friends and family. The bond consists of friendship, generosity and tolerance that goes beyond motorsport in a union that has held effective through over 18 years on and off the drag strip.

DRIVER: Jason “J” Jameson is both driver and chief mechanic for the vehicle. He is the owner of Garage 4 Performance. He has significant racing experience, ever since his journey into auto mechanics began at the tender age of 12, where he apprenticed under one of the Caribbean’s most notable motorsport mechanical engineering services, Tola’s Engineering. He has built engines for many of the Caribbean’s most prolific racing drivers and has himself been involved in competitive action throughout the islands in varying motorsport disciplines including drag racing, circuit racing, rally and autocross.

TEAM CAPTAIN: Quynton “Akinde” Gooding is the soul of the team. Popularly known throughout the both the entertainment and motorsport industries, his inspiration and race bred development is profound when it comes to motorsports. He has been involved in drag racing teams of the past few years and has served on the organizational committees in the promotion and management of motorsport competitions and car shows.

RACE LOGISTICS: Chester Lewis is the talisman of the crew. Without a doubt he is the most experienced drag racer within the entire team, having competed for many years across the Caribbean. Widely known across the region, for his sub 10 seconds Datsun race truck "Betsy", he lends the air of reality need for each competition. His wealth of knowledge and overall contributions is singularly the most beneficial contribution to the development of the team.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: Claude “Soldier” Blake is the maverick spokesman of the team and he is also a second driver. His energy and sharp dfocus as a "race thinker" has assisted greatly in provoking the necessary race mindset that has heralded our progress at the race track.

MECHANICS: Joel and Levi Jameson. With over 12 collective years of experience in automobile engineering these young but vibrant team players will ensure that every aspect of the car is always completed with keen efficiency to produce the best results.



To achieve consistent 9 seconds ET passes with the vehicle.This will be an unheralded and outstanding feat for FWD vehicles as it is usually claimed as unattainable in Trinidad and Tobago

2015 Objectives

  1. To successfully compete in the 10 Seconds bracket - Achieved October 2015 at the Frankie Boodram Wallerfield International Raceway
  2. To run a best ET of 10.3 - 10.0 seconds - Achieved October 2015 at theFrankie Boodram Wallerfield International Raceway

It is a fact that Garage 4 wants to win every race that we enter. We know we can win, however, there are other teams in this bracket both locally and regionally that expect to do the same. The action is intense. The drive to win has teams reinventing and tweaking every components in an effort to go to drop their ET’s lower.

Our crew is constantly looking for ways to make the car to produce more reliability, more grip, be stronger, launch harder, be quicker and easier to drive. Jason is totally psyched to give it his best and drive our current set up as fast as it can go. When the car rolls onto the grid, it projects months of committed efforts from each and every member of the team as well as friends and associates who all pull for the same goal, to win. Garage 4 has all of the key components to win combined with a reliable vehicle and excellent team support, there is nothing that can keep us away from pioneering the way forward..


  • Photos courtesy MJM Productions, Trinidad & Tobago Motorsport News, Downes Digital Studio,, Hella Flush Freaks and Lyden Thomas Photography