GREATNESs (How to heal the world)

From the onset the title sounds like just too big a task. How can I possibly heal the world? After all, people are stubborn, set in their ways and much of what I share, do and say in an effort to make a difference goes practically unnoticed.

We are frequently told, by the sages that things only “appear” that way, but sadly in our daily perception of reality, it often is. More so many of us may even think or believe that the concept of healing the world may all be a wonderful but unrealistic sentiment, but there is a clear path that is simple and true.

Since ancient days gone by it has been used in a variety of ways. Buddhas, saints, sages and yogis have found enlightenment through it. The genius identified in some of the world’s most gifted and accomplished persons has been honed along this path. Brilliant, highly successful business executives know it all to well. The simplest path is this…REPETITION.

Repetition when enabled with an application of constant, dedicated drive and deliberate focus creates a massive energy that cannot be denied. Whether academics, politics, business or society the influence is there: Nothing sticks in people’s minds unless it’s constantly repeated over and over and over again.

In layman terms (that is to say what this blog is about), that’s at least a total of 9 times for people to even take notice of a subject and about 21 times for them to commit the subject to memory.

So what does repetition have to do with it all?

Repetition in this case, is the key to fulfilling the greater purpose of healing the world but there’s a twist…. It’s NOT about repeating the specific actions that already goes unnoticed by people and society as a whole. That would be futile, as already noted, right.

It’s about repetition of the purest mental, emotional and physical attributes contained within us, the healers. It’s about daily repetition of the virtues of love, truth, compassion, forgiveness, kindness, gratitude, generosity and developing our individual footprints for expressing and radiating all the qualities that will sustain and support the best version of self…. The Greatness of Oneself…The true God-self within. This needs to be repeated:

Repeated enough that it becomes ingrained within our very being... our very soul. Repeated enough through daily practice…. through Prayer, Meditation and call to action.
Repeated enough that it gives clarity to our inner purpose and vision.
Repeated enough that we ourselves become true co-creators of that very vision and ideal.

This is the polishing of soul. It is through this very polishing that we can get our individual greatness to shine across the world regardless of our singular duty or purpose. Shine! Be Great! It’s that simple. Just be your true self!

Innately, the purpose of man is to create the ideal version of us made manifest. To live in harmony with the universe is the plural and outermost purpose of self. It is through the method of achieving personal greatness with the practice of repetition of virtues or the polishing of the soul that we can recall our interconnectedness with all things and thereby ultimately complete the wholesome unity of the innermost and outermost purpose and fulfill that, which already is.

Much like the pieces of a puzzle, each one of us then becomes an individual piece of a greater part, with absolute knowledge of who we are and where we fit on this board of life. Singular is one with the plural. Plural is the singular. No piece is greater than another. Not one. This is what is truly being asked of us. Each one of us. One by one let us build the puzzle…Heal the World.

What are you waiting for to be great?


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