Choose Your Path Now

I am Akinde...that statement holds significance only to me.

At the most basic level, I can say it all day long and it means absolutely nothing to anyone and rightfully so. This is a result of the sheer fact that the name Akinde or Quynton as some also know me, inclusive of any power and societal significance that they may bear is defined by no one else but me.

Everyone has a name, and oh how sweet the sound it carries when we hear it eloquently pronounced. Whenever sounded, it calls us to attention even if we don't readily show it. We then become ready to act. When we come into this world we are given a name. We develop dreams. We create goals. We perceive desires. These dreams, goals and desires can be as elaborate as ruling the world or as unfortunate as having no personal vision of oneself bearing any participating role in society. It is this choice that determines our destiny. We are all bound by our choices.

Choice is defined as the power to choose something. This is a gift granted to us by the Universal Oversoul.  Ask me if I believe in this and I will say undoubtedly yes. Ask me if I know there is a God and I will say emphatically yes. I see God every day in everyone...How do I see God? It's so because I choose to see God. When I look around  my beautiful country I see God in everything, and therein I am better able to find more love even when the negativity of life devours my strength. That's a choice I have to make daily. In every area of human life, there is always choice. It can mean the achievement  of the highest ideals or a descent into the darkest, most decrepit areas of life.  So where does choice or rather the lack of positive choices create the problems?  Allow me to digress slightly to see if we can make a few things clearer.

For the record I am no guru or  saint. I am a not doctor nor theologian. I'm just a normal man who loves music and people. All I do is pray, love and listen. I am not religious and for the sake of honesty I will state that I am capable of "sin" as much as anyone else, but again there is choice and trust me when I say I have made my fair share of wrong decisions. So what exactly is "sin"? As I stated, I am not religious but I have been consciously practicing spirituality and personal growth for over 12 years and this is what I have discovered...I have come to recognize that sin is simply guilt, of both conscious and subconscious form, that prevents us from truly experiencing our best, most fulfilling life. That's what sin truly is, the guilt we choose to bring unto our lives. Forget what you may have learned about where you'll burn and all that. We experience that now. Joy or sorrow is now. Rich or poor is now. Heaven or hell is now. What's your name? Who are you now?

This guilt I speak of is not so much about blame but rather more of an error on the soul. It holds our awareness hostage and builds quiet victories over our very truth. We may also notice that by this definition, we can see that our progression in life is scalable with experiences equal and aligned with the choices that we make. Hence, the more "sin" we introduce into our lives is in direct correlation with the choices that we make that are "not best aligned for us", and this very act of making erroneous choices promotes the greater development of a debilitating cycle of struggle.

This cycle is like an avalanche. If we don't pay fervent attention or stay present to the choices we make, it’s easy for them to break loose and come crashing down, destroying our hopes and dreams, while we suffer, deluded in stark bewilderment to the reality of events. Quite often, we find our choices being made for us.  I'll elaborate. As members of this great universe we often find ourselves living on auto mode, defining ourselves by the "norms" of society and acting in accordance with what the majority says we should conform to or rather con-forming. This can be easily identified as the proverbial rat race, in which most of us tend to find ourselves so busily hustling to get to no true destination, caught up in materialistic lifestyles handed down to us from generation to generation, and projected through media formats in this unsobering cycle of sin = unhappiness = struggle. As a result of this cycle of sin of rather conforming, we lose our way and devalue our glorious power, as we trod day to day lost in the perpetual trends of confused thought and autopilot choices in our bid to best live up to society's definition of who we are, and who we should be. 

But what is your true choice?
Does society define who "your name goes here" should be or do you?
Who is really doing the decision making? You or society? 

Think about it...

Love you,



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